Don’t Destroy Christina….at least we know

So, if you’ve been following Kilroy, NCSHS is a go, and Esther Jackson was being truthful, and they will expand the 5 mile radius to all of CSD, and possibly even add a cafeteria to the lower school sooner rather than later. I trust Kilroy on this, he does have connections, and another blogger has confirmed. Next week I plan on looking at the percentage of children inside and outside various radii at Delaware’s existing charter schools, as I believe (but certainly can’t prove yet), that location is the most important factor for most Delaware elementary school parents. Hope to have stats to back that up this week. I have to say I’ve gained a lot of respect for Kilroy in the past couple of weeks. He’s intellectually honest, realistic and practical. Still don’t agree with everything he says though….

Also yesterday, Kilroy posted great information about the laws in delaware which, in a nutshell, seems to indicate that all public schools can expel, and that districts should have plans for educational alternatives. Don’t take my word for it, please go to Kilroy’s Delaware to confirm. He suggests that charters should have the same plans documented in their charter-I agree 100%.

One last piece for today. DDC has “played the race card” and low income issue for weeks now. And yesterday, knowing that NCS is stopping some or possibly all of the rules that she suggests keep minorities and low income people out (although I do not agree that those rules were designed for that purpose; and I dispute how much impact they have), is still pushing against the school. I guess my point is that this is not sour grapes on her part, she really just doesn’t believe in charter schools, which is ok, free country and all that, it just strikes me as unfortunate that instead of pushing her core issue, aka, “I don’t like Charter Schools”, she instead insinuated racism and classism, implicating charter parents and public and quasi-public officials in the process. That’s unfortunate, and intellectually dishonest. But I can say I respect her to, because she does cling tightly to her beliefs.



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