What Facts? What Logic?


DDC wrote,

“One side with facts and logic about how society should pull together for all. The other with: hey it works for my kid leave me alone.Why should I share or care?”

I say, what facts. Here’s some of the recent “facts” from DDC:

“Fact” #1: Greg Meece is like “The Bruce Dickinson” who produced the biggest hit for Blue Oyster Cult.

FALSE: Only problem is that the analogy isn’t even appropriate. Bruce Dickinson had nothing to do with Don’t Fear the Reaper’s use of Cowbell. According to Wikipedia, several have taken credit for it, but Dickinson wasn’t one of them. So Christopher Walken is playing Greg Meece doing something that neither Greg Meece nor Bruce Dickinson did. Great analogy DDC.

“Fact” #2: Greg Meece is a liar when he states information about the racial profile of the City of Newark.

FALSE: Greg did not say that the city of Newark, nor the entire state matches exactly what the potential school population for NCS could be. By the way, no one has-statistics about surrounding schools are irrelevant-what is relevant would be detailed census data for the census zones in the 5-mile radius. Even this isn’t perfect-some children go to private school, some are home schooled, some are in other charters. And there are those people who prefer to send their children to the nearest elementary school, which is not Newark Charter for most children.

“Fact” #3: The Newark Charter Lottery is rigged.

UNPROVEN ALLEGATION: No evidence of this is provided and no lawsuit has been filed challenging the results of the lottery. No video or photographic evidence provided either.

“Fact” #4: Greg Meece denies entry to Newark Charter based on Zip Code.

FALSE: Greg Meece doesn’t decide anything, it’s the charter that determines where students are pulled from. And of course, it’s all based on a 5-mile radius, not a zip code.

“Fact” #5: Greg Meece is responsible for submitting the charter, and he can change it to bring about racial diversity.

FALSE: The application was submitted by the Board of Directors of the Charter School, not Greg Meece

DDC, you are entitled to your opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

For those of you that will suggest my enlightening of these mis-stated “facts”, is inappropriate or petty, I say this: DDC indicated that Greg Meece is subject to attack, and I agree with her. However, I would say that DDC should expect to be challenged when she attacks Greg Meece. And she will be challenged here.


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